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Clients & Projects: Voluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreements (Making Equal Opportunity Really Equal)

Client: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Community Housing Resource Board (CHRB)

Date: 1984

Media: 16mm film and videotape

Project: Wrote and produced a film to raise awareness among realtors and minority groups of illegal tactics in real estate sales.

Comments: This film received the highest praise at the national CHRB conference in Washington. It was also one of the few HUD-funded films which was finished on time and on budget.

Testimonial: "Catharon assembled a team of experts in this field, scripted, and produced a film and brochures of a professional quality that not only completely fulfilled our proposal, but which when presented at the national HUD convention went on to win national acclaim. The service, responsiveness, professionalism and product Catharon Productions provided exceeded our wildest expectations - we got a lot more 'bang for the buck' than we ever expected our dollars would buy." --President Columbia County Board of Realtors

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