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What is V∆Delta?

VΔDelta is a new computer language and application development environment that allows anyone, whether an experienced programmer or a complete layperson, to create powerful programs that are rich in content. VΔDelta is designed to make application development easy and intuitive, so you can focus on the creative aspects of your program, rather than spending hours wrestling with complex coding syntax.

The vision embodied by VΔDelta is one in which everyone—from teachers and artists to engineers and scientists—can create their own applications, without having to have a PhD in computer science. At the same time, professional programmers will find VΔDelta to be as powerful and flexible as any other computer language available, with two additional patented features that are found nowhere else.

To learn more about VΔDelta, please see:

Getting Started

The V∆Delta Wiki is designed as a resource for V∆Delta authors and users.

In order to access the V∆Delta wiki in-depth you need a user account.

You can search for specific pages in the wiki via the search box or click a link in the sidebar to go to a specific section of the wiki (details below). Please see Contributors for information on how to contribute to the wiki.

Please note that in order for V∆Delta code examples to show up properly you need to make sure you have the Catharon System Mono font installed. How do I install Catharon System Mono?


V∆Delta Language


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