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Internet Software Technology - Interactive Multimedia Productions - Creator of V∆Delta

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About the Company

Catharon Software Corporation, headquartered in Sedona, Arizona, was incorporated by Betsy and Michael Feinberg in 1982. The Feinbergs have been in business together, producing films, videos, interactive multimedia programs, and custom software and hardware for over 30 years.

Our staff has an international background, with expertise in consumer and point-of-purchase environments, including e-commerce. We have created the first fully functional programming language for authoring, distributing and reading interactive content over the Internet. V∆DeltaTM, delivers rapidly over the Internet, providing a programming paradigm that supports rapid and economical development of content, facilitating new capabilities in Internet software and systems management.

The technology enhances the functionality of Internet-based content and meets the demands of developers looking for a superior solution for the provision of an interactive and stable online experience for their clients and customers. Catharon has copyrighted the V∆Delta technology and been granted a patent covering 11 major features of the protocol.

The Management Team

Betsy Feinberg (Chief Executive Officer) and Michael Feinberg (President) have worked together in marketing, media, and interactive multimedia for over twent years. Previously, Betsy Feinberg was an Assembler language programmer and lead trouble-shooter/debugger in the systems software group at Consolidated Edison in New York, serving as in-house consultant for the nuclear engineering department and providing software systems support for programmers working in all major computer languages. Betsy is a magna cum laude Phi Kappa Phi graduate of the University of Michigan, where she also won the Phi Sigma award (the top award in biology/pre-med.). She holds an M.A. from New York University as well.

Michael Feinberg (President & Interim CFO) After completing systems engineering studies at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Michael was employed by Columbia University to assist in the design of their then state-of-the-art language lab and to implement its installation. He subsequently relocated to the west coast, where he worked as a sound engineer, film editor, and cinematographer at Cinema Lab before returning to the east coast to start his own video production company. His expertise in business and production systems analysis enabled him to produce highly successful, complex training programs for high tech companies like Electrocom Automation, manufacturer of complex mail sorting equipment for the U.S. postal service. The Feinbergs have produced ground-breaking interactive multimedia relationship marketing programs. Each possesses significant experience in consumer and point-of-purchase environments, including e-commerce. In a project for Aetna Insurance, for example, the Feinbergs developed and produced a program which increased closing rates from under 50% to over 90%.

The Feinbergs produced a series of interactive computer games on AIDS prevention for the New York State Department of Health which was used by tens of thousands of students. The project included studies to determine how modifications in the program interface affected student behavior, providing valuable insight on the behavior of the under-21 age group.

The Feinbergs also have produced training and promotional programs for multinational corporations, including material for Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, and German audiences. These programs also included exploration of cultural differences, such as body language and use of color, critical to international marketing.

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