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Clients & Projects: Navigation Training

Clients: Gulf Oil, Exxon, Mobil, Utah Transport, Phillips Petroleum, Atlantic Richfield, Springfield Shipping (an Onassis company), Maritime Overseas, Stolt-Nielsen

Date: 1978-81

Media: Videotape, motion filmstrip and workbooks

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese

Project: Researched, designed, wrote and produced interactive motion filmstrips, workbooks, and videotapes on Navigation and Radar Collision Avoidance.

Comments: This sixteen-program series, with accompanying workbooks, was produced in eight languages for a multicultural environment that included speakers of a dozen additional languages.

Testimonial: "We are of the unanimous opinion that this course is of great value for both the experienced and the freshmen among the navigational watchkeeping officers. For the experienced it presents the most convenient way to refresh their knowledge; for the freshmen it means concentrated instruction... in radar plotting... this course was the best for training and updating professional knowledge I have met in 21 years at sea." --Captain T. Drobig, Master M.S. Marcona Transporter

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