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Clients & Projects: Eaton Ion Bombardment Technology

Client: Eaton Semiconductor, Laser Beam Ion Bombardment Division

Date: 1987

Media: Interactive laser videodisc and digital audio

Project: Produced an interactive multimedia program for use in Eaton's million dollar booth at a major trade show when, with only ten days left until the show's opening, another multimedia producer failed to deliver a program. (Catharon made the deadline.)

Comments: First use of digital audio in a commercial application.

Testimonial: "We had no way to complete the project. Catharon came in . . . their level of organization, their sense of calm in the face of our chaos, enabled us to put the project back on track. When we discovered that our graphic files were in a non-usable format, Catharon took on the added task of graphic creation and folded it into the development path. Just the sheer consistency of their approach to interactive media demonstrated an ability to answer questions which we had not even thought to ask or might have been expected to anticipate." --Les Bartlett, Sr. Production Editor, Technical Communications Department

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