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Clients & Projects: Country Curtains World Wide Web Catalog

Client: Country Curtains

Date: 1997-2002

Media: Interactive consumer product catalog delivered over the Internet in V∆Delta code.

Project: Develop and implement an on-line catalog that overcomes the problems associated with Web catalogs which have complex product lines.

Comments: V∆Delta allows an unprecedented level of interactivity, making it possible to provide a fully functional catalog site with a sophisticated easy-to-use interface.

Using design criteria established by Country Curtains and made possible by V∆Delta the on-line catalog can be made to resemble closely the user-friendly printed catalog. V∆Delta software overcomes the shortcomings of interfaces created using HTML form-submission technology.

Testimonial: "Catharon is technically proficient, meticulously attentive to detail, and creative. But what has really sold us on our relationship with them is that they take the time to understand our needs and preferences, and to translate our positioning very effectively to the web. Our customers love the site that we and RegionNet have created together!" --Lee Williams, Executive Vice President - Country Curtains

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