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Clients & Projects: Artist's Profile Series

Client: Goebel Porzellanfabrik; Roedenthal, Germany

Date: 1983

Media: 16mm film, videotape

Languages: German, English

Project: Produced a series of five films on Goebel's artists to be shown daily at Goebel's museums in the U.S. and Germany. Among the artists included were Gerhardt Skrobek, for three decades sculptor of the famous Hummel figurines. For this bilingual project, Catharon also wrote original music and worked with Goebel craftspeople to animate some of the figurines for the films.

Testimonials: "I like the script(s) very much. [They have] a lovely lyrical quality which is a fine counterpoint to the technical shots which will be shown. Your description of the camera involvement is also very good . . . you've captured what it is we want." --Joan N. Ostroff, Vice President, Goebel

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