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Clients & Projects: ABC Record & Tape Sales Promotion

Client: American Broadcasting Companies (ABC)

Date: 1977-78

Media: 16mm film and videotape

Project: Created weekly videos for use on-site in department stores to promote recordings by such artists as Olivia Newton-John, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kansas, Jimmy Buffet, Billy Joel, Helen Reddy, and Barry Manilow.

Comments: This video program was an industry first and was so successful that music departments repeatedly sold out of promoted albums in stores where the program was used. To draw attention in busy department store aisles, Michael and Betsy Feinberg designed and built a robot character "Mac, the Music Analyzing Computer" whose voice was that of Gene Klaven, a popular ABC radio personality.

Testimonial: "The creativity and dependability of Catharon has established an outstanding professional reputation for the firm... [Catharon is able to] meet marketing deadlines for production and software replacement within an intense merchandising timeline... [their program] was the forerunner of video merchandising at retail." --Karen Layland, Vice President, Marketing

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