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Catharon Software Corporation, headquartered in Sedona, Arizona, was incorporated by Betsy and Michael Feinberg in 1982. The Feinbergs have been in business together, producing films, videos, interactive multimedia programs, and custom software and hardware for over 20 years.
   Our staff has an international background, with expertise in consumer and point-of-purchase environments, including e-commerce. We have created the first fully functional programming language for authoring, distributing and reading interactive content over the Internet. V∆DeltaTM, delivers rapidly over the Internet, providing a programming paradigm that supports rapid and economical development of content, facilitating new capabilities in Internet software and systems management.

The technology enhances the functionality of Internet-based content and meets the demands of developers looking for a superior solution for the provision of an interactive and stable online experience for their clients and customers. Catharon has copyrighted the V∆Delta technology and been granted a patent covering 11 major features of the protocol.

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