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The Willoughby Foundation

The Basic Need for Education

  • Access to the knowledge of our species is a birthright that must be guaranteed to everyone. When we deny education to large portions of the world population we foster political oppression and increase the spread of deadly diseases. This threatens us all and also damages the global economy.
  • When we fail to provide education to most of the world's population we are throwing away the potential genius that can provide solutions to the difficult problems that we all face.
  • The creation and maintenance of a literate electorate is essential to the survival of our democratic forms of government.

The State of Education Worldwide

Estimates of the number of children with no access to education are as high as 140 million. If one's criteria expand to the number of children who have no practical access to the kind of K-12 education Americans expect for their own children, then the number of disadvantaged children is probably closer to one billion (half of the world's children). This failure to provide practical access to education is the most serious threat that faces us all.

Despite numerous international declarations that recognize that "...mankind owes to the Child the best that it has to give..."1 worldwide education has remained inadequate primarily due to unaffordably high cost, censorship, and lack of self determination.

Bringing Education to Students Worldwide

Mission Statement

It is the Willoughby Foundation's mission to:

  • Guarantee to everyone equal, affordable, uncensored access to the knowledge of our species.
  • Assure that the dissemination of said knowledge is uncensored and self determined.
  • Foster the application of said knowledge to the betterment of the species.
  • Preserve and nurture the potential genius in each of us.
  • Fight political oppression through the dissemination of said knowledge.
To accept an approach to self determined education requires putting faith in the ability of the student to select wisely from the wide range of educational content that will be available. It is the Foundation's belief that this faith can be trusted due to its self beneficial nature when viewed from both a personal and a world economic perspective.


The V∆Delta software platform from Catharon Software Corporation will provide the technology to achieve the mission of the foundation using computer-delivered multimedia interactive instruction

Primary Funding

Major funding from Catharon Software Corporation will pay for initial content production and provide computers for content delivery. Each computer will have a scholarship funds credit installed that will allow the student to select the content of their education from worldwide sources.

Initial Funding

The Foundation is seeking initial funding to accelerate the start of content production and the development of low cost computers.

Contact us

Please use the Contact The Willoughby Foundation form to send us a message.

1 - Declaration of the Rights of the Child - League of Nations, adopted September 26, 1924 formed the basis for the United Nations declaration of the same name proposed on November 20, 1959 and adopted 30 years later on November 20, 1989.

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